Kara Gutierrez

Voted Best Permanent Makeup Artist in Kansas City & Missouri

With the eye of an artist, the hand of a technical expert, and the personality of a close friend who has your back, Kara Gutierrez at Spot on Beauty is a cosmetic tattoo specialist and trainer like no other! Her outgoing, high energy attitude makes you feel right at home and completely welcome to speak up to express your thoughts, questions and concerns.

As a fully licensed and insured tattoo artist & LI-FT Instructor, she’s knowledgeable and detailed as to what you’re getting and clearly communicates what to expect along the way. You can feel confident you’ll get the look you desire with correct color choice and proper tattooing technique.

We’ve all seen the horrors of bad permanent makeup work – Kara Gutierrez is the artist these victims go to correct botched jobs! You should always look into a technician’s licensing and portfolio to ensure their results are what you want; Kara’s vast collection of exceptional work and client testimonial speaks for itself!


Taylor Kelley

Introducing Taylor “TK” Kelley, a multi-talented individual with a passion for creativity and transformation. Starting as a makeup artist and bartender, Taylor was mentored in tattooing and tattoo removal by the renowned Kara Gutierrez, learning the craft from the ground up. Evolving into an incredible tattoo artist, Taylor specializes in permanent makeup (PMU), tiny tattoos, freckles/moles, scalp micropigmentation, hyper-realistic areola tattoos, Li-FT saline removal, and eyelash extensions.

Known for her loving and caring nature, Taylor is dedicated to providing exceptional results that exceed expectations. She approaches her work with a focus on creating healed, beautiful outcomes, acting as not just a professional but also a trusted friend who genuinely cares about your happiness.

Choosing Taylor means choosing a delightful experience filled with skill, passion, and a commitment to making you feel your best. Embrace the transformation and the joy that comes with it, as Taylor guides you through a personalized journey towards beauty and confidence.


Natural beauty at its best!

Permanent makeup can transform your aesthetic in subtle but remarkable ways. Friends and family will notice how refreshed and polished you look without being able to pinpoint what’s changed! Kara Gutierrez is an expert at working with each client’s natural coloring and existing structure to give your face perfect balance and dimension. It takes time, patience, and painting skills to fill in your eyes, brows and lips with makeup every single day. Kara’s artfully applied permanent makeup heals beautifully, and you won’t need to add any makeup unless you’re in the mood to rock a bolder look. Simplify your beauty routine and amplify your confidence – you deserve it!