Eyebrows are finally getting the respect they deserve! These small yet powerful facial features complete your expression and can take years off your appearance. Whether you simply want to add some color, fullness and definition to sparse patchy brows, or have been through chemotherapy or a hair-loss condition, Kara’s combination powdered brows are just what you are looking for. An expert at incorporating a combo of both powder-shading and micro-blading, Kara creates eyebrows so natural no one can tell they’re not yours! Detailed measurements of your eyebrows will be taken with an erasable pen so you can see and adjust the precise shape before pigmentation begins to achieve the look you will love. Your hairs lay over the pigment and, when healed, it will look like precise yet subtle eyebrow makeup. Kara uses topical anesthetic to make the procedure as painless as possible. Eyebrows last up to 3 years.

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