LI-FT Saline Removal

  • Illuminates unwanted permanent makeup and body art
  • Not a laser
  • Safe for everyone

LI-FT is a revolutionary, all-natural saline removal solution that’s turning back the clock on previous pigment! It’s been playing a key role in rescuing people who have had bad microblading, imperfect permanent makeup or faded body art. For certified professional use only, LI-FT can safely and effectively lighten/remove unwanted pigmentation. When a skilled and trained technician uses LI-FT in conjunction with the safe, effective techniques taught by Kara Gutierrez, the results can be nearly miraculous! Are you a professional technician interested in learning how to remove tattooed pigments without harsh lasers? Kara is an expert trainer of the LI-FT system of saline removal! As a knowledgeable mentor, she wants all of her students to flourish and will educate you on safe, proper techniques so your clients can enjoy wonderful results for years to come.

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