Lip Color

Achieve a luscious lip in your perfect shade! From lip blushing to a more vivid full-color lipstick, permanent makeup pigment can create the appearance of poutier lips and a balanced younger-looking face. Clients with thin, asymmetrical, or poorly defined lips are generally excellent candidates for permanent lipstick application. Since part of the process is outlining the border, Kara can give your lips the appearance that they’re slightly fuller. It’s all about the illusion! This tattoo doesn’t stop at your lip edge like a traditional lipliner – Kara will also shade the color down into the middle of the lip itself in a circular motion to give it more of a blended, natural look. Detailed measurements of your lip shape will be outlined beforehand with an erasable pen so you can see and optimize the precise shape before pigmentation begins to get lips you will love. Lip color lasts 3-5 years before a color boost touchup. Contact Kara ASAP for information on how to have your lips pre-numbed.

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