Healed results matter most! For ALL permanent makeup procedures, plan on booking a follow-up appointment to complete and perfect your final healed look 8+ weeks following your procedure. After the initial application, some fading is to be expected and you will want to come back and have your tattoos refreshed. You definitely don’t want to overdo it in the first session; clients need the opportunity to be sure they like the color as it settles in over the first few weeks! During the second session, you can add more pigment and fine-tune the details with any edits you’d like to see during your follow-up. This process ensures that your results will be fabulous. When Kara’s work fades over the years, it’ll never discolor – it will only become a lighter version of the original color (you can’t say the same about all artists, depending on their technique and pigments used)! Your lifestyle and how well you take care of any tattoo from the beginning will determine its lifespan. If your tastes change and you decide you don’t want permanent makeup in the future, the color will just keep fading over time, eventually becoming barely visible.

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